High-Quality Solutions from Danish Manufacturer ELWIS Lighting

Explore ELWIS lighting solutions for work lights, work lamps, and inspection lights.

Elwis Work Lights: Illuminating Innovation and Sustainability

Elwis work lights and lamps (battery or rechargeable headlamps, inspection lights, flashlights, penlights, warning lights, tripods, hook and magnet-mounted lights, waterproof lights, etc.) have been at the forefront of lighting solutions worldwide for over 65 years. Developing SMD, COB, and LED solutions makes them pioneers in the field, with a mission to improve the quality of their products while reducing their carbon footprint. Elwis produces work lights that set new standards in durability, efficiency, and performance.

With each product created, Elwis envisions how it will benefit the user, testing materials and innovations to meet critical demands.

Today, Elwis’ headquarters are located in Gentofte, Denmark, where they continue the legacy of their founders. Their products are traded in over 30 countries worldwide. For Elwis, it’s always important that functionality and quality go hand in hand for your work or hobby.

They always strive to understand and learn more about different customers, their work, and their capabilities to do their work. Elwis factory and our sales managers are ready to provide the best possible advice, assistance, and product recommendations.

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