NB Quality Group’s chemical products diverse range includes cleaning, lubrication, surface treatment, adhesives, tapes, electrical, and additive groups. This extensive portfolio allows customers to find solutions for various maintenance tasks, cementing our position as a seller of high-quality maintenance products. NB Quality – these are chemical products, cleaning agents and cleaning foams, paint removers, cleaning wipes, brake cleaners, lubricants, special products for the food industry, surface treatment products, adhesives, tapes, electrical contacts and protectors, additives, washing products, clamps, sealants, and construction foams.

The company aims to change maintenance standards in Northern and Eastern Europe by striving to offer an innovative and high-quality product range that meets the needs of various automotive, agricultural, and industrial customers. As a strategic move, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the maintenance market, involving specialists and experts to gain insight into the specific demands of local markets.

To obtain valuable feedback from specialists, we started developing products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of regional customers. We paid special attention to climate conditions and production environments, ensuring that each product is carefully tailored for optimal performance in its intended environment. Our product range includes custom “White label” products specially made for the Estonian customer according to their desired specifications, design, and packaging (brake cleaner).

What sets us apart from competitors is the dedication of Estonian owners and employees to excellence in production and service. All products are manufactured in leading chemical factories across Europe, which is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing top-quality products. The production process is driven by direct feedback from customers, ensuring a continuous improvement cycle that meets the ever-changing needs of the market.

Additionally, the company adheres to the latest EU REACH regulations, emphasizing their commitment to environmental protection and product safety. Customers can be assured that NB Quality products not only meet strict quality standards but also comply with current regulations.

Testing Break Cleaner products