NB Quality is a leading provider of high-quality cutting and grinding abrasives in Estonia

In the world of metalworking, from fine small-scale metalwork to large industrial operations, NB Quality stands out as a leading grinding abrasives importer and expert, bringing a wide range of abrasive products from French manufacturer Norton (Saint-Gobain) and German manufacturer VSM to the market. Our product range covers the diverse needs of the industry, automotive, agriculture, as well as companies specializing in metal processing. You can find concrete grinding discs, diamond grinding discs, cutting discs for metal, grinding and cutting discs for wood, and sanding belts in our assortment. Leading industrial companies in Estonia use the products we market because we can demonstrate and find the right tool for their work. Selection criteria can include the durability of the cutting disc, the price of the grinding disc, or the fastening method—our sales manager will assist you.

From cutting discs to grinding discs specifically designed for metal, each product is made with precision to ensure optimal performance. Whether dealing with complex tasks or heavy operations, Norton and VSM abrasive solutions offer the precision needed to achieve flawless results in metal cutting and shaping



In the VSM range, you will find sanding belts, discs, and rolls, each product manufactured according to strictly established German standards, ensuring consistent and uniform finishing. The brand’s commitment to precision makes VSM abrasives the preferred choice for those who demand the highest accuracy in their polishing and grinding applications.

Durability and versatility

Durability is a key characteristic of VSM abrasives, as all products undergo thorough testing. The abrasives are designed to withstand the demanding tasks of the metal and woodworking industries.

VSM understands that each project is unique. Whether working with stainless steel, aluminum, or wood, VSM abrasives offer versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs. With an extensive product range, users can find the right abrasive for tasks ranging from heavy material removal to fine surface finishing

VSM company was founded in 1864 in Hannover-Hainholz and has over 150 years of experience in manufacturing abrasive products. VSM, with its 800 employees, operates in more than 70 countries through international subsidiaries and numerous distributors. All VSM abrasives have been certified by internationally recognized umbrella organizations for years and therefore meet the highest safety standards (FEPA, VDS, TÜV Nord). VSM produces over 200 different product series in rolls, discs, belts, and sheets on various substrates and in different shapes.

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For over 100 years, Suhner has been synonymous with innovation, quality, and precision in the industry. Founded in Switzerland in 1914, Suhner has evolved into one of the world’s leading providers of industrial solutions. Our expertise extends to drive technology, automation, machining technology, and surface treatment.

Our mission – to increase efficiency and productivity

At Suhner, we strive to improve our clients’ efficiency and productivity through customized industrial solutions. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and help them achieve their objectives.

Experienced and dedicated team

Our success is based on the dedication and expertise of our employees. Suhner combines tradition and innovation with over 700 professionals worldwide to provide world-class industrial solutions. We continuously invest in the training and development of our employees to ensure the development of the best solutions for our clients.

Our values – quality, reliability, and sustainability

Quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction are Suhner’s main priorities. Based on sustainable technologies and processes, we provide environmentally friendly industrial solutions. Our pursuit of perfection drives us every day to develop better and more innovative solutions to meet the constantly changing demands of the industry.

Global partner with local presence

Thanks to manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, Suhner is able to provide its customers with first-class service worldwide. At the same time, we remain true to our roots and maintain strong relationships with our local markets and communities. NB QUALITY fulfills this role in Estonia.

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