Our Services

NB Quality Group OÜ was founded in 2009, by former rallydriver Urmo Aava and Silver Kütt. The target for NB Quality was to develop an innovative and high quality maintenance product range for Northern and Eastern European markets. In order to establish correct tasks and targets for the product development, NB Quality Group made a thorough mapping of the maintenance market of automotive, agricultural and industrial customers. Based on the feedback from the specialists, NB Quality Group started to develop products for the needs of the local markets, paying special attention to all the climatic and customer characteristics.

NB Quality Group’s products are produced in the leading filling factories in Europe, according to the feedback received from our customers. All our products comply with the newest EU REACH regulations.

NB Quality Group has products in different product groups : Cleaning, Lubrication, Surface Treatment, Glues, Tapes, Electrical and Additives.

In order to improve the products, our salesforce visits customers daily to get feedback for new product development and improvements for existing products.