VSM Catalogue

95 vs=80m/s vs=?m/s Discs General VSM instructions for work safety GENERAL WORKING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USE OF FIBRE DISCS The safety instructions for the use of coated abrasives according to DIN EN 13743 must be complied with. Among other things, this means that the following applies: > Fibre discs may only be used in conjunction with approved and correct backing pads. > The diameter of the fibre disc must not exceed that of the backing pad by more than 15 mm. > Plunge grinding is not permitted. > Appropriate safety equipment, such as goggles, work gloves and ear protection must be worn before any work is commenced. The maximum admissible peripheral surface speed (vs) is 80 m/s. Depending on the diameter of the disc the maximum rpm (nmax) is: > 100 mm: 15,300 1/min > 115 mm: 13,300 1/min > 125 mm: 12,200 1/min > 150 mm: 10,200 1/min > 180 mm: 8,500 1/min > 235 mm: 6,500 1/min