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96 i What does oSa® mean? oSa® stands for ”Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives“. Since it was founded in 2000, the oSa® has become an internationally acclaimed centre of excellence for the safety of abrasive tools. The oSa® trademark: A sign for proven safety Only quality tested tools are given the internationally protected oSa® trademark. These tools are in demand worldwide and clearly distinguish themselves from those of suppliers with no clear safety profile. The right to use the oSa® trademark is only granted to those companies which voluntarily undertake to adhere to the European safety standards for abrasive tools and accept to comply with stricter manufacturing and testing requirements. This means that abrasives approved by this organisation live up to the highest safety standards. Provided VSM fibre discs: Safety certificate issued by oSa® More information Check the oSa® safety certificate given to VSM on the Internet at: www.vsmabrasives.com/service/downloads For more information on oSa® go to www.osa-abrasives.org general working and safety instructions are adhered to, the users of these abrasive tools enjoy maximum protection. As a member of the oSa®, VSM complies with the following: > The entire production process of VSM abrasives is monitored > VSM has a certified quality management system > VSM carries out regular production controls according to EN standards > VSM abrasives are fully traceable > VSM is committed to the best possible working conditions and the highest level of environmental protection Discs · Instructions for use · Fibre discs