VSM Catalogue

94 D1 D2 100 mm 16 mm 115 mm 22 mm 125 mm 22 mm 150 mm 22 mm 180 mm 22 mm 235 mm 22 mm D1 D2 Types of fibre discs VSM fibre discs are suitable for a large range of applications. This is why they are available in a variety of different dimensions and shapes. In addition to slotted discs with a cross-shaped centre slot other shapes such as discs with a circular opening in the middle are included in our offering. Shapes of fibre discs flat with centre hole cambered with spherical cap, standard cambered with recessed centre Non-slotted S0 S01 (only ø 180 mm and 235 mm) S05 (only ø 180 mm) Cross-shaped centre slot S1 S11 (only ø 180 mm and 235 mm) S15 (only ø 180 mm) Eight slot opening S8 X-Lock SX (only ø 115 mm and 125 mm) Other special shapes (such as rosettes, polygon shapes) are available upon request Discs · Instructions for use · Fibre discs