VSM Catalogue

50 100 150 200 250 300 350 A B C D E F 20 40 60 80 100 120 Z Y X T J F E 1 27 General Backing material The abrasive grain is bonded to a substrate which retains the grain and transfers the cutting forces to the workpiece. The substrates used by VSM as backing materials are: Paper backing > Optimum stretching behaviour > Smooth running, special types of belt joints E13, E08 (page 34/35) > Lower weight in comparism to cloth backings > The lower the paper weight the more flexible is the backing Cloth backing > Aramid, cotton, polyester and polycotton > High tear resistance > The flexibility of cloth backings varies between extremely flexible and extremely sturdy subject to the application > Standard belt joint E07, E08 (page 34/35) Vulcanised fibre > Multi-layer material made from special types of paper > Extremely sturdy backing material > Extremely high tear resistance > Used for making fibre discs Backing Flexibility Typical applications E-Cloth extremely flexible profiled workpieces F-Cloth very flexible profiled workpieces J-Cloth flexible profiled workpieces T-Cloth semi-sturdy dynafile X-Cloth sturdy flat surfaces, edges, rotational bodies Y-Cloth very sturdy flat surfaces, edges, rotational bodies Z-Cloth extremely sturdy edge and surface grinding (machine) Backing Paper weight Typical applications A-Paper approx. 70 g/m² profile + surface grinding (hand) B-Paper approx. 100 g/m² profile + surface grinding (hand) C-Paper approx. 120 g/m² surface grinding (hand) D-Paper approx. 160 g/m² surface grinding (hand, machine) E-Paper approx. 250 g/m² surface grinding (hand) F-Paper approx. 300 g/m² surface grinding (hand) Type of paper Cloth backings VSM specifications paper VSM specifications cloth Paper weight [g/m²] VSM specification flexibility [%] General · VSM grinding technology Thanks to having our own cloth finishing plant in Hanover, we are able to check the quality of the materials we use for each individual production step and ascertain that the same high level is maintained throughout. This guarantees that we use backing material with the best properties for our abrasives, which in turn translates into optimum performance.