VSM Catalogue

t1 16 From deburring to grinding cast parts or levelling weld seams, you too can enjoy the benefits offered by VSM ACTIROX. VSM ACTIROX utilises geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grains that break down in a precise, predictable way. As they do, they constantly produce new, razor-sharp cutting edges. This ensures aggressive grinding and maximum stock removal. General · Highlights YOUR ADVANTAGES > Maximum stock removal per time unit thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic grain > More workpieces processed per unit of time > Cooler grinding, preventing discolouration on stainless steels > Improved chip clearance – even when grinding aluminium Your grinding task Removal of imperfections Weld seam preparation Grinding of cast parts Deburring Bevelling Weld seam levelling Thanks to their extremely high stock removal rate, VSM ACTIROX fibre discs can process more workpieces in the same time. Stock removal/Time Grinding time t VSM ACTIROX previously leading ceramic abrasive + 50% more stock removal