VSM Catalogue

15 General Backing materials finished on site We also finish the backing materials for our abrasives ourselves, in our own fabric treatment plant. Why go to all this trouble? Because backing material quality is not only essential for abrasive grain adhesion, but also applies the stock removal forces to the respective workpiece. By adjusting the backing material characteristics to perfectly match our abrasives, we can significantly influence both the performance and the service life of the abrasive. The perfect bond for VSM abrasives Synthetic resin bonds ensure the best-possible adhesion of abrasive grain to the backing material. And the use of active abrasive fillers keeps grinding cool or improves chip clearance. These bonds are also manufactured and actively developed at VSM in Hanover. For high-performance high-quality abrasives – Made in Hanover. Our quality promise Finished goods and pre-assembled articles are subjected to continuous quality assurance testing in-house to verify their grinding performance or belt joints. These tests are carried out in our purpose-built, state-of-the-art Grinding Unit as well as our VSM Competence Center. We have also been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard for many years, and are a member of FEPA, oSa and VDS. The backing materials for our abrasives are finished in our own facility in Hanover. Finishing of backing materials Resin production Production of abrasive grain Coating and spreading Basic goods Producing our own preliminary products in-house is a special feature of VSM's abrasive production General · VSM quality promise