VSM Catalogue

TOP SIZE Wear eye protection Wear protective gloves Refer to instruction manual Wear a mask Do not use if damaged Only permitted for grinding at an angle > 10° Wear ear protection Only to be used with a back-up pad Do not use for wet grinding Additional grinding-active layers (for more information, please refer to page 31) Materials Features FEPA safety recommendations* Metallic materials Product features Non-metallic materials Product application The pictograms with FEPA safety recommendations* are guidelines for the correct use of coated abrasives. It is in the interest of your own safety to comply with these guidelines. In addition, compliance with these guidelines ensures full performance of the abrasive. *The FEPA safety recommendations are published on our website. Visit us at www.vsmabrasives.com/service/downloads. Aluminium Stainless Steel Glass/Stone/ Ceramic Wood Lacquer Non-ferrous metal Superalloys Unalloyed Steel Composite Velourbacked Medium pressure Medium to high pressure Also for wet grinding Low to medium pressure Close coated Medium coated Medium close coated Open coated