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22 t1 1 min 2 min General · Highlights Grinding aluminium alloy bars (Ø 30 mm, AlSi12Cu) using fibre discs with grit size 24. Conventional abrasives Clogging of the abrasive Grinding time [t] Performance > Specially developed for machining aluminium and non-ferrous metals > VSM ALU-X significantly reduces chip adhesion and thus also clogging of the abrasive; this, in turn, reduces the number of tool changes > Grease-free and oil-free grinding keeps the workplace clean. > Increased performance enables faster workpiece machining and lowers the process costs > VSM always delivers premium made-inGermany quality Your advantages at a glance Your grinding task Removing imperfections Preparing welded seams Grinding of cast parts Deburring Removing welded seams Cleaning Technical surface quality Bevelling ALU-X is the new series of abrasives developed by VSM to meet the specific requirements of grinding non-ferrous metals. Here, the proven VSM CERAMICS grain technology with continuous self-sharpening is complemented by the additional grinding-active layer VSM ALU-X. The result: Improved chip removal, resulting in fewer tool changes, more workpieces per shift, more stock removal, and a grease-free workplace. From X-PERTS for X-PERTS X-TREME performanc