VSM Catalogue

CV701 127 720488 R 100 M10 400 L 10 10 720490 R 115 M10 280 L 10 10 720491 R 115 M10 400 L 10 10 720492 R 115 M10 1000 L 10 10 Rolls Non-woven A clean and finish product with fine grit sizes (280, 400, 1000) as a supplement to KV701. Ideal for off-hand grinding or in combination with disc and orbital sanders. Both sides of the open non-woven fibre fabric can be used and it is suitable for use in the production of grinding tools such as grinding wheels, drums or discs. Non-ferrous metal Composite Also for wet grinding Unalloyed Steel Stainless Steel Low to medium pressure Lacquer Bonding Full-resin bonded Colour Grey Material Polyamide fibre VSM NON-WOVEN (SIC) Rolls · Non-woven Fineness range: Fine (280, grey) Very fine (400, grey) Ultra fine (1000, grey) RSPA = Rolls with plastic core/RSPB = Rolls in a box with integrated cutter/ L = Stock items/F = Manufactured products / P = Categorised according to the FEPA standard Version 11/23. Subject to change. Other dimensions and grits/degrees of fineness upon request. Art. No. Specification Width (mm) Length (m) Grit Type PU Sales unit Materials Features